Friday, February 15, 2008

My Analysis of International Soccer:

Hello Everyone and Welcome to My Analysis of International Soccer,

I will be talking about 3 very successful national soccer teams and 3 not so successful national teams.

Brazil: They are successful because they have an excellent organization first of all. Most importantly they try to leave out politics out of sports. Another reason why Brazil national soccer team is so good an successful is because at every given time only players in top form receive a call from the manager. This rule even goes for Ronaldingo and Kaka. If they are playing like shit for their clubs, players such as: Vagner Love and Pato will get a call instead. Last but not least, Brazilians love playing creative, attractive soccer which allows for players to express themselves on the field. Lets not forget that Brazil can probably make 3 separate national teams that could win a world cup, they are just to damn talented!

Argentina: Why is Argentina currently ranked number 1 in the FIFA Rankings??? I will tell you why. Even though it's an undisciplined team (many yellow and red cards) it is also a team that does not stop running at you. Their natural ability to control the midfield is what kills their opponents, only team they are not superior to is Brazil because "they are too damn talented".

Italy: They are not talented, not fast, not technically gifted.... So how come they have won the last world cup and a couple before that as well??? Nooooo, the mafia does not threaten other teams... haha... Italy is very disciplined in defending, they pass the ball very well and they control the possession. Most importantly out of 2-3 chances that they get to score a goal in a game they score 2-3 goals.

England: So what's wrong with English national team??? Don't they have the strongest and most attractive domestic league in the world. You bet they do... So what's wrong? Well, lets just say their creativity level is at about 0% compared to their running being at a 100%. Even though they beat many opponents who just cannot literally run with them, most of the games that England team loses is due to lack of creativity. I don't know how dump of a coach you gotta be not to notice that if the wings are failing that you better start taking some chances in the middle... Otherwise, the talent is there, money is there.

Serbia: Once known as Brazilians of Europe, Serbian national soccer failed to qualify for yet another European Championship. Lets just say that they did not lose against the 2 teams Portugal and Poland who qualified. Instead, they lost to Kazakhstan and not so great Belgium team. So what's wrong with them??? The problem is that Serbia does not have a soccer style instead they always adapt to other team's style of play (which is very difficult) but they manage to do it. If they had a bit of their own identity they would be once a gain a world power. Hopefully, the new coach Miroslav Djukic adds a new flavor to the team.

Spain: Spanish domestic league, in parallel with English Premiership is the best league in the world. Which means that talent is there, money is there. What can possibly be wrong?? The problem with Spanish national team is that they are too soft and affraid to go for a win. Also, I have to be honest to say that they just don't have luck in many situations and we all know that luck can sometimes be a main factor between winning and losing.

Other teams: Portugal is looking good but they immediately need to find new strikers. C. Ronaldo and R. Quaresma cannot always score for the wings. Pauleta is too old, Postiga is not turning out to be what was expected. Sabrosa is not bad. Germany is looking strong, no negative remarks against them other that they play a very boring style of soccer. Croatia is also looking powerful and France seem to have regained their champion form.


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