Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Manchester United and Barcelona Go Home With 3 Points Each

As UEFA Champions League resumed today, away teams were more successful.

Manchester United defeated Roma in Rome with the score 2:0 (C. Ronaldo, W. Rooney). The Red Devils demonstrated once again that they are very serious in this year's Champions League campaign. Crisitiano Ronaldo proved once again that he is World's best soccer player at the moment and Wayne Rooney confirmed good form as of lately. It will be very tough for Roma to score 2 goals in Manchester because Manchester United is not known for conceding many goals, especially not at home. Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand are 2 tough monsters to pass through.

FC Barcelona ended a negative streak by winning a very crucial match today in Gelsenkirchen as they defeated Schalke 1:0 (B. Krkic). Barca has shown once again that they are competing for Champions League final every year. At times Barcelona defense looked a bit sleepy but Schalke was not able to capitalize. Well deserved win for Barcelona as they await a rematch next week. No one that is not a die hard fan has ever heard of Bojan Krkic untill this year. This young man had already managed to be the youngest player ever to play in the Champions League, to be the youngest ever Barcelona player to score and today was one of the youngest players ever to score in a Champions League Match, a very important one as well.

Schalke 04 vs FC Barcelona (Higlights)

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