Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Henry and Benzema Out, Trezeguet In!

A little irony before the France vs England friendly match. Just as David Beckham was recalled to the England squad the French veteran, David Trezeguet was also recalled in the France Squad. It's been more than a year since David Trezeguet played for the French national team.

Thierry Henry and Karim Benzema both have beenruled out with injuries and Raymond Domenech had no choice but to call up David Trezeguet. David Trezeguet had been playing excellent soccer for Juventus this season and is one of the leading scorers in the Italian Serie A. Domenech and Trezeguet were having some problems lately. Hopefully Trezeguet forgives Domenech for not giving him a national team call up for over a year.

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