Monday, May 21, 2007

Nikola Zigic, Who Do You Think You Are?

Nikola Zigic, 202 centimeters tall Racing Santander striker has become very famous in Spain and especially in Santander. Zigic stated that he cannot walk the street or go anywhere with out being asked for an autograph which is an awesome accomplishment. However, Zigic stated another thing which disturbed me. He said that he is not ready for Barcelona or Real Madrid but he also wouldn't want to end up in Fenerbahce like "Kezman". I think that he has no right to say such a thing because Mateja Kezman AKA The Batman had scored more than 100 goals in 3 seasons while playing for PSV. Besides they were national team mates and played well alongside one another. I think that Zigic is becoming another conceited professional athlete who does not possess 1 gram of character.

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Anonymous said...

Zigic said something very logical. Italy and Spain are world's best leagues and are the dram of any soccer player. Then second choice is Holland, France, Germany, England, Portugal, very good but no "dream-leagues". After those, we get Greece, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Belgium, etc... So, nothing strange what Zigic said: Spain and Italy are FIRST choice! Turkey is THIRD choice. He was not comparing himself to Kezman's career, not at all. Go, Zigic, go!