Saturday, May 26, 2007

Serbian Super League Complete!

Today the Serbian Super League has completed. Red Star officially raised the trophy today in front of its 20,000 fans with a 1:1 draw against Hajduk Kula and Partizan finished second with an impressive 7:1 win against Mladost Apatin. By the way, Partizan fans (Grobari) have returned from a 2 year boycott for their final match against Mladost. Bezanija upset Vojvodina 3:2 as hosts. The five teams that will represent Serbian club football in Europe will be Red Star, (Champions League Qual.) Partizan, Vojvodina, Bezanija (UEFA Cup Qual) and Hajduk Kula (Intertoto Cup) The new system with play-off and play-out did not make much impact towards the improvement of the competition and so it's already being discussed that changes will be made to how the Serbian Super League will function next season. Red Star have a lot to be proud of as they clinched that double crown (10th) for the second time in a row. Partizan had a shameful season with amazing 11 defeats. I must say that I was pretty impressed by Vojvodina's display through out the season as they probably played the most beautiful football. Bezanija had an excellent season and have everything to be proud of as in their first season with the Elite they managed to earn a spot in the UEFA Cup qualification. In my opinion, not because I am Serbian but because I am a soccer fan there is still a great amount of talent in Serbia but bad politics and the country's bad economy has lead to poor audience attendance. Something must be done to bring back the people to watch the games again. Hopefully some changes occur soon.

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