Monday, May 14, 2007

Real Madrid On FIre!

Real Madrid have been on fire lately. Even though Capello had announced that he will be changing clubs over the summer his club, Real Madrid is currently on top of Spanish Primera Division. Real Madrid completed a comeback against Espanyol this weekend from 1:3 to 4:3. Maybe Real Madrid have rediscovered their magic as they are currently showing nothing but power. Barcelona on the other hand had a chance to stay on top of Primera but they only managed to draw against Real Betis 1:1. Real and Barca are currently level on points but Real has an advantage due to better mutual results against Barcelona. There are only 4 more games left in the season and Real and Barcelona only having left one trophy to win better stay in top form or Sevilla could sneak in and conquer Spain.

Check Out This Weekend's Thriller Real Madrid vs Espanyol

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